The following is a list of blogs, books and DVDs that I have used while preparing this book, either as reference material or as background reading. URLs to online content aren't included in the book itself to prevent it going out of date if they change, but they are listed below and will be kept up to date.

Kyla Duffy - Kyla is a club flyer turned professional performer and writes about flying, trick tips and circus life.
Kyla's Blog

Don Dinh - Don is the Head Coach of Fearless Flyers Academy and writes about flying trapeze and trampoline technique.

Mike Denton - Mike was previously Assistant General Manager of TSNY Boston and was responsible for the ongoing development of Curriculum and Instructor Training for all of TSNY’s locations. He writes about flying technique, body conditioning and mental preparation.
Mike's Blog

Liz Heinrich Ellis - Liz is an accomplished flyer and former trapeze instructor. She writes about flying technique, training and performing.
Liz's Blog


Les Bases du Trapeze Volant – Created by David Borel, this French DVD showcases a wide variety of tricks, techniques and progressions.

TSNY Flying Trapeze Tricks Library – Trapeze School New York created this DVD in 2009 showing 35 tricks with instructions.


La Course Aux Trapèzes Volants – A biography of Jules Leotard by Pierre Lartigue.

Other books in this series