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Discovering Flying Trapeze is a 450 page paperback book designed to accompany your training and development in partnership with your instructor.

The book is illustrated with hundreds of clear and simple diagrams explaining basic concepts, fundamental techniques and useful training tips.

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Right from the start

The Arriving at the Rig section covers everything you need to know as you arrive for your class, right from learning your trick on the practice bar, to climbing the ladder and leaving the board. You'll discover the roles of the instructors you will meet and learn how to use the safety equipment such as the safety net and the safety lines.

Preparing your body

The Warm-up and Conditioning sections explain how to physically prepare yourself for a flying session with a simple fifteen minute warm-up and suggest simple exercises that you can do at home between classes to keep you in shape, improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury over the long term.

Skill progressions

The Tricks section covers a selection of over 50 flying trapeze tricks in a suggested order. Each trick is explained step-by-step from your first attempt on the practice bar through to trying it for real on the flying trapeze and includes suggested solutions to common problems that you might encounter.

Taking off the lines

Flying without Lines is a big step in your training. In this section you'll learn why you might choose to fly out-of-lines, how to decide if you are ready, and some basic techniques that you will need to master.

Next Steps

The Taking it Further section covers a variety of topics that will become relevant as you start to practice more regularly and at a more advanced level. It explains how to get more involved at your school by helping out on the platform and performing in flying trapeze shows. You'll also learn how to make your own hand grips, how to take great photos and video and use them for training, and what you can expect if you have the chance to fly at different schools.

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