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The Fundamentals of Flying Trapeze is a 264 page paperback book and is divided into three main sections: Fundamental Techniques, Equipment and Tricks.

The book is illustrated with hundreds of clear and simple diagrams explaining every known flying trapeze trick.

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Fundamental Techniques

In this section you'll find discussion of some of the most basic principles of flying trapeze, from the different ways to hold the bar to catch timings and a list of the most common body positions that make up trapeze tricks.


While the full sized flying trapeze rig (or 'Grand Volant') has become the standard for most amateur schools around the world, there is actually a wide variation of equipment that can be considered to fall within the discipline of flying trapeze. This section explains the layout and the different parts of a flying trapeze rig and showcases a number of common variations.


This section has diagrams explaining every trick in the flying-trapeze.com database. You'll see each trick broken down into a series of steps with discussions of related tricks and technique. Tricks are listed by category and not by difficulty level. If you are interested in finding out more, you can visit flying-trapeze.com where, in most cases, you will also find videos of each trick being performed.

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