"A comprehensive collection of flying skills - sure to inspire any trapeze enthusiast!"

Liz Heinrich Ellis

"I highly recommend this book which, for the first time, brings together almost all the tricks that one can do on a flying trapeze.

The book, which explains the techniques and allows everyone to develop their skills, is a big step forward in the world of flying trapeze where people often keep new tricks to themselves so as to have some exclusivity over an act. Alastair has set himself apart from individual schools and gives equal focus to each technique without making judgements or showing his own preferences. The reader can decide for himself a progression that is appropriate, or even create his own tricks!

In the world of flying trapeze where skills are passed on by word of mouth, there are very few technical books. A work such as this therefore allows us to keep a record of the discipline and particularly some more unusual skills, created in the first half of the 20th century and which now only exist in the memories of a group of flyers now approaching their hundredth birthdays!

This book complements all the work which Alastair has done in creating the site which promotes the discipline of flying trapeze across the world. Well done Alastair!"

Jean-Fran├žois Marin

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