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This logbook, from the founder of, has been specifically designed with the amateur flying trapeze enthusiast in mind and allows you to record your experiences in a simple structured format.
You can use it to track your progress and to note down your achievements, coaching tips and catch timings for future reference.


As a keen scuba diver, I keep a record of every dive I do in a Dive Logbook. Among other things, I make notes about how long I dived for and what equipment I used, I draw diagrams of the areas we visited and I record the names of the people I dived with. It serves as an excellent record of my experience and my ongoing education, which I can show to new dive centres that I visit. Most importantly, it is also great personal history of my participation in the sport, and I often enjoy flicking through and reliving the memories of previous experiences.

Keeping a logbook for Flying Trapeze is equally rewarding. This book allows you to remember tricks you have caught and coaching advice you received and to make a note of timings that worked for you. You can also use it as a training tool to track your progress and plan your progressions with your instructor.

About the author

Alastair Pilgrim discovered flying trapeze while on vacation in Club Med Sandpiper as a teenager. He wasn't initially very talented at it, but after a week of determined effort he made his first Knee Hang catch and became addicted.

As soon as he was old enough, he became a Circus GO (instructor) for Club Med and has since travelled the world teaching trapeze, additionally working for Envol in Paris, Circomedia in Bristol, L'Atelier du Trapeze in Brussels and most recently as part of his own flying company, Red Hands.

He now lives in the Belgium.

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