Sleeping Beauty

Trick ID: 362
Flyer 1 sitting, Flyer 2 lying horizontally between their feet.

#Wrists Catch #Novelty


This trick is inspired by the trick of the same name on the Double Trapeze.

Flyer 1 swings out and gets up to sitting on the bar. As Flyer 1 swings back to the platform in a sitting position, Flyer 2 jumps onto the bar, hanging from her hands underneath it. She crosses her legs around Flyer 1's ankle, then lets go of the bar and rests her head on Flyer 1's other foot, so she is lying horizontally. Then, at the frontend, she turns a little and catches the catcher.


Thanks to Ayal, Eric, Hanah and Kyle for providing this video.

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#Wrists Catch #Novelty