Blind Wrists Catch

Trick ID: 368
Also known as: Passe à l'aveugle

Catcher grabs the flyer's wrists from behind, so they cannot grip back.

#Novelty #Wrists Catch


This is a rare trick on the flying trapeze and definitely a novelty. It can be used for some tricks when the flyer ends up facing upwards (after a Half Turn - normally involving a Stick catch). Instead of catching the stick, the catcher grabs the back of the flyer's wrists, and in this position the flyer cannot grip them back. It's called a Blind Wrists Catch because the flyer cannot see the catcher and is (even more so than usual) in a position of having to put their trust in the catcher.


Thanks to Kohei, Ted and the team at Circus Arts Australia for providing this video and Les Arts Sauts for the inspiration.

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