Where can I buy the book?

The books are available on Amazon, and you may find that this is the quickest and easiest way to buy them. They are also available on this website.

If you have a voucher code (I do regular promotions on Facebook etc.) then you need to purchase them on this website.

If you are having difficulty, get in touch and I will do my best to help you out.

Hardback vs Paperback?

These are reference books which I hope you will want to refer to again and again, and take with you when you fly. I strongly recommend the hardback books, which are much sturdier and will resist getting dog-eared for longer. It’s only a small extra cost for a much nicer product.

How long does delivery take, and how much does it cost?

Delivery times and methods depend on where you are in the world. Prices are shown at the checkout.

Please remember that this is a print-on-demand book and each copy is printed when you make your order. Although the system is very efficient, it might take longer to arrive compared to other books from online retailers.

What is your returns policy?

If you bought the book directly from this site, then please contact me so I can resolve your issue.

If you bought it from another online retailer or directly from your trapeze school, you will have to contact them.

Is this a ‘teach-yourself’ manual?

No. You will find explanations of many different tricks, diagrams of various equipment setups and discussions of technique to inspire you, but it is not a ‘teach-yourself’ manual. You should always get a professional trapeze instructor to teach you new skills; they will have the experience and expertise to adapt your training to your ability level and keep you safe.

Is the book available in other languages?

No. However, the book should still be useful to you if you don’t speak English. The vast majority of the content is diagrams which should be understandable even if you can’t read the explanatory text.

I run a trapeze school, can I sell this book to my students?

Of course. I offer wholesale prices and volume discounts to schools who become resellers. Please contact me to discuss.

I’d like to suggest a correction/improvement

As with all the content on flying-trapeze.com, I welcome any comments or suggestions that can make the book even better. Contact me using the link above and I’ll make sure you receive the appropriate credit for your comment.

Can I suggest a new trick to add to the book?

Yes! Get in touch with me here. I will get it added to flying-trapeze.com immediately and it will make it into the book for the next edition.

I have a different way of doing that trick, why have you drawn it like that?

Everyone has their own style of flying, and many tricks can look very different when performed by two different people. I have tried to make sure the diagrams in this book capture the principles of each trick, even if this has meant sticking to one particular style which may not be your own.

I call that trick something different, why have you called it that?

There is no standard naming convention for flying trapeze tricks, and trick names vary by school. In this book I have tried to use a consistent naming convention based on what I consider to be the most common trick names. However, you will probably find that at least some of them differ from the names you are used to. On the website you will find that some tricks have a list of alternative names, however this wasn’t practical to include in the book.

I’m expecting this book to be an international bestseller. Can I get hold of a signed copy so I can sell it on eBay in the future and retire early?

Yes. Contact me and ask nicely.

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