Flying Trapeze Logbook

This logbook, from the founder of, has been specifically designed with the amateur flying trapeze enthusiast in mind and allows you to record your experiences in a simple structured format.

You can use it to track your progress and to note down your achievements, coaching tips and catch timings for future reference.

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Flying Trapeze Logbook is a 180 page paperback book with lots of space for you to fill in your own notes in structured tables. It is divided into three main sections: Trick Checklist, Trick Logbook and Location Logbook:

The Trick Checklist has a list of all the tricks in the database, divided by category, with space to ‘tick off’ tricks as you attempt or catch them. Each trick is listed with a ‘Trick ID’ which you can use to quickly look up the trick on the website.

The Trick Logbook includes blank areas separated by category where you can fill in notes about each trick you attempt. The trick names are not filled in, which allows you to fill the logbook up with tricks in the order that you attempt them.

Use the Location Logbook to record places where you flew, what you practiced and who was there. In the notes section, you might want to record the tricks you practiced and those you caught, who you flew with, notes about the equipment and interesting ideas you picked up.

At the back of the book, you’ll find a section explaining how to make best use of your logbook, with suggestions about how to fill it in.

Author’s Inspiration

As a keen scuba diver, I keep a record of every dive I do in a Dive Logbook. Among other things, I make notes about how long I dived for and what equipment I used, I draw diagrams of the areas we visited and I record the names of the people I dived with. It serves as an excellent record of my experience and my ongoing education, which I can show to new dive centres that I visit. Most importantly, it is also great personal history of my participation in the sport, and I often enjoy flicking through and reliving the memories of previous experiences.

Keeping a logbook for Flying Trapeze is equally rewarding. This book allows you to remember tricks you have caught and coaching advice you received and to make a note of timings that worked for you. You can also use it as a training tool to track your progress and plan your progressions with your instructor.

Flying Trapeze Logbook