The Fundamentals of Flying Trapeze

A reference guide to tricks, techniques and equipment.

From the founder of, this book contains hundreds of clear and simple diagrams illustrating tricks gathered from trapeze artists around the world and is an invaluable reference guide for the recreational trapeze artist.

The book is supported by where videos are available of many of the tricks featured in this book.


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The Fundamentals sections cover basic principles of flying trapeze, from the different ways to hold the bar to catch timings, returns and an explanation of the most common body positions that make up trapeze tricks.

The Equipment sections explain the layout and key elements of flying trapeze rigs and showcase a number of common variations, including advanced equipment found in professional shows.

The Tricks section features over 400 tricks gathered from trapeze schools around the world with clear diagrams explaining every trick step-by-step.

The Fundamentals of Flying Trapeze

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