Articles by Alastair Pilgrim

Investigation 1 - Energy Changes in the Swing

In this investigation, we discover how energy changes from kinetic to potential during your swing, calculate how long a swing takes, and work out what speed a flyer travels at.

Investigation 2 - How can you change your swing?

In this investigation, we look at how you can change your swing by starting higher or being taller, and how this affects the timing.

Investigation 3 - The Swinging Trapeze

We use the example of a trick from Swinging Trapeze to demonstrate how the length of the pendulum changes the swing.

Investigation 4 - Timing for a catch

We use our simple model to show how catch timings work.

Investigation 5 - Dismounting

We look at the best time to catch, and the best time to leave the bar at the end of a trick.

Investigation 6 - An Advanced Swing

Explaining the Advanced Swing, and how flyers use it to gain height.

Investigation 7 - Using Momentum

We will show how the flyer can use momentum in the swing to their advantage when getting their legs up for a Knee Hang.

Investigation 8 - Forces on the catcher

We look how much weight the catcher is holding during a catch, and why timing is crucial for a smooth catch.

Investigation 9 - The Safety Lines

We look at how the Safety Lines work and take the example of different sizes of flyers.

Introduction to Rotating Systems

We pause to explain a few concepts like Angular Momentum and Moment of Inertia before using them in the next chapter.

Investigation 10 - Somersaults and Twisting

We look into more advanced tricks that involve somersaults and twists, and show how they are achieved.


A list of the some of the sources of inspiration for this study.

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