Articles by Alastair Pilgrim

Investigation 1 - Energy Changes in the Swing We discover how energy changes from kinetic to potential during your swing, calculate how long a swing takes, and work out what speed a flyer travels at. Investigation 2 - How can you change your swing? We look at how you can change your swing by starting higher or being taller, and how this affects the timing. Investigation 3 - The Swinging Trapeze We use the example of a trick from Swinging Trapeze to demonstrate how the length of the pendulum changes the swing. Investigation 4 - Timing for a catch We use our simple model to show how catch timings work. Investigation 5 - Dismounting We look at the best time to catch, and the best time to leave the bar at the end of a trick. Investigation 6 - An Advanced Swing Explaining the Advanced Swing, and how flyers use it to gain height. Investigation 7 - Using Momentum We show how the flyer can use momentum in the swing to their advantage when getting their legs up for a Knee Hang. Investigation 8 - Forces on the catcher We look how weight the catcher is holding during a catch, and why timing is crucial for a smooth catch. Investigation 9 - The Safety Lines We look at how the Safety Lines work and take the example of different sizes of flyers. Introduction to Rotating Systems We pause to explain a few concepts like Angular Momentum and Moment of Inertia before using them in the next chapter. Investigation 10 - Somersaults and Twisting We look into more advanced tricks that involve somersaults and twists, and show how they are achieved. References A list of the some of the sources of inspiration for this study.