Den Zali

This school has a full sized indoor flying trapeze rig and offers classes at all levels in a beautiful custom-made space, just outside Neuchatel in Switzerland. They offer both bar-to-bar classes as well as catching and there is a vibrant community of regular flyers.

The school is owned by experienced ex-Club Med instructors Fanfan and Fanny. They are in the same building as the Manège de Colombier circus school which offers classes in other circus disciplines.


Chemin des Longues Raies 7
2013 Milvignes,

Telephone: +41782111929
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Notes: The trapeze was constructed by CATS Engineering and can be configured both for bar-to-bar and bar-to-catcher flying.

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Notes: A Stork catch with the rig in Bar-to-Bar mode.
Thanks to Bet for providing a video for this page.