About this school

The Ovation of the Seas is a state-of-the-art cruise ship with lots of really innovative activities on board, including a limited Flying Trapeze rig.

The rig consists of a platform and a fly bar, but no catcher. There is an airbag instead of a net, and the fly cables are shorter than standard. Guests are limited to learning a Knee Hang and a back somersault. While it can be a great place to try trapeze for the first time, it isn't recommended for experienced flyers wanting to practice.


Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Ovation of the Seas is a cruise ship with no fixed address!



School Equipment Info

Petit Volant
Petit Volant
Bobby's Big Top

Equipment Notes

The setup is larger than a Petit Volant, but not as big as a Full Sized Rig. It has an airbag instead of a net and the catcher is a Korean Cradle.