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This amusement park has an automatic flying trapeze with airbag system and an automatic 'catcher' (a bar that hangs in the catch zone until you grab it). This makes it more of a ride than a regular flying trapeze rig BUT many flying trapeze tricks are still possible. It's great fun to try, particularly if you haven't flown on a bar-to-bar rig before or if you haven't tried an airbag instead of a net. You can access it by buying a ticket for the Inflatable Park (it is in the 'Challenge Zone').

Note that, at the time of writing, you were required to complete the 'Monkey Bars Challenge' before being allowed to swing on the trapeze. If you are an experienced trapeze artist, I would recommend that you speak to the staff about going straight to the trapeze and avoiding this. It kills your hands. As it is, the bars are extremely poorly prepared and you will need grips to do any serious trapezing.


518 Main Street-Route 28
02673 West Yarmouth,

+1 508 771 6060


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