Other Names: Two-Position Knee Hang

This is often considered one of the most basic tricks on the flying trapeze and the most accessible catch for beginners. As a result, many schools will start first time students on this trick as a first catching experience.

Swing out from the platform. At the frontend, bring your knees up in front of you,pass them between your hands and hook them under the bar. At the backend, let go of the bar and hang down by your knees. The catcher will take your wrists, then unhook your legs to swing down with the catcher.

If you are less flexible and don't manage to pass your legs between your hands, you can try having you hands together in a Close Grip, and getting your legs up around the outside, hooking them on the bar outside your hands. This is called a Straddle Knee Hang or a Hocks-Style Knee Hang.


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