Hocks Off

Trick ID: 002
Also known as: Two-Position Hocks Off

Hocks Off catch in two positions.

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This trick is very similar to the Knee Hang, with a different timing to let go of the bar.

Swing out with your hands close together in a Close Grip. At the frontend, lift your legs up and around the bar and hook them on. Keep your head tucked in. Wait until you swing back to the frontend again and release in two movements, the first unfolding your body (letting go of the bar) so your chest rises towards the sky, and the second releasing your legs.

This trick can be performed in two ways: the legs can be hooked outside of the hands (Straddle Hocks - more common) or between the hands like a Knee Hang (Hocks).

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#Beginner #Hocks #Two Position Tricks
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