Backend Straddle Whip

Trick ID: 034
Straddle Whip position at the backend

#Straddle Whip


Swing out and back with your hands close together on the bar. At the backend, open your legs and bring them up in front of you around the bar, leaning back until you are 'folded' and your legs are above your head to the right and left of your face (the straddle whip position). The head should be tucked down towards your chest. At the front end, let go of the bar and throw your hands back over your head. This will open your body so you are straight for the catch. If you are attempting this trick with safety lines, you may find you catch them with your legs as you open them to get into the position. In this case, start from the platform with the safety lines between your legs.

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#Straddle Whip
Thanks to Fly'n Fit Trapeze School in Japan for providing a video for this page.
IMAGE CREDIT: Thanks to Emerald City Trapeze Arts. Flyer is Kelly. Thanks to David Treadwell for the photo. Kimberly Dioszeghy