Trick ID: 035
Also known as: Straddle Flip

Straddle whip at frontend, just before catch

#Straddle Whip


Swing out and back. Make a small set at the backend (smaller than a layout), break early (just before the poles) and bring your legs up (wide apart) into the Straddle Whip position, no sooner have you made this position, but let go of the bar, and unfold the body to catch. When you are intially attempting this trick in lines, you will want to start with the lines between your legs or they will wrap around your legs as you make the rotation with your legs open.

For this trick, you want to use a Narrow Grip so that you can easily get your legs outside your arms in the Straddle Whip position. Unlike the Straddle Whip, you don't want your hands together in the middle of the bar (a Close Grip) since that would make the Swing difficult.

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#Straddle Whip
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