Behind the Back Departure

Trick ID: 061
Second flyer gets onto the bar behind the first



This is a departure from the platform where one flyer gets on the bar behind another. This can be achieved in a number of ways:
  • Both flyers start on the platform, one behind the other, and both holding the bar. The flyer behind puts their hands wider on the bar than the flyer in front. They depart together.
  • The first flyer is swinging on the bar, as they reach the peak at the backend (arriving in their '7' position) the second flyer jumps onto the bar behind them (again holding the bar wider).
  • The flyers start together on the platform, and they leave together, but with the second flyer holding onto the NECK of the flyer in front.
These are all very novelty departures, with little practical use except for the third one, which is used in a Neck Pelican (Trick ID: 282).


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