The swing is the basis of all advanced flying trapeze tricks. It allows you to maintain the height of your swing on your own as you start to fly out of lines. Your swing will evolve and improve as you continue to practice it, and there is always something you could do better. As you leave the platform, sweep your legs backwards underneath it, then kick them forwards and lift your legs high into the air, bend your arms and then throw you body away from the bar for a force-out. If you can do this with straight legs, so much the better, otherwise bend your knees then straighten them as you 'force-out'. As you fall away from the peak with your body straight, relax slightly and bring your legs in front of you (a little). This is called a 'hollow'. Then sweep back hard and as you arrive at the platform, bring your legs back in front of you, pull your hips up towards the bar and look over the top. This is the stand or the seven shape (body is like a 7). Now start all over again.


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Thanks to Fly'n Fit Trapeze School in Japan for providing a video for this page.