Standing Jump

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Jump to catch from standing on the bar

#Standing on the bar


Swing out from the platform, bring your legs up at the front end, pass them under the bar and hold them straight in front of your face in a whip position. At the backend, push your straight legs over the top of the bar and follow with your body. Let go of the bar and grab the trapeze cables. Pull yourself quickly into a sitting position. Once seated, use the cables to pull yourself to standing. At the frontend, jump forward (and up!) to the catcher. You will need to take an extra swing to do all this. As a result, the timing will be such that the catch occurs after three swings.

As an embellishment, you can also make a shape (like a tuck or a straddle) in the air as you jump (a bit like doing a tuck jump on the trampoline).

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#Standing on the bar
Thanks to Lynn, Erin and Monika for providing videos for this page.
IMAGE CREDIT: Thanks to Emerald City Trapeze Arts. Flyer is Lynn Cafferty Treadwell. Thanks to David Treadwell for the photo.