Bar Catch

Trick ID: 216
Flyer catches a swinging bar


This is the standard type of catch on a bar-to-bar rig and is the bar-to-bar equivalent of a wrists catch with a catcher. A bar catch is possible when the flyer finishes their trick facing downwards. The flyer grabs a swinging bar as they finish their trick.

Examples of tricks that use this type of catch are numerous, but include: Backend Position tricks (like a Backend Split or Planche), Layout, Cutaway Half, Uprise etc.

There is a natural limit to the complexity of the trick that is possible with this type of catch for two reasons:

  • The flyer must make the catch themselves, so needs to have time after finishing the trick to look for the bar.
  • The bar is rigid and is unforgiving to jolts (unlike a catcher's arms) so it is easier to 'rip off' the bar if the catch is poor.


Notes: Double Layout with a Bar Catch

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