Other Names: Matrix Departure (No Hands)

Backwards Departures are equivalent to regular departures, but with the flyer starting on the board facing away from the fly bar. Just as for a regular departure, it's possible to do a Two-Handed, One-Handed or No Hands Backwards Departure.

One-Handed: Stand on the board facing away from the catcher. Hold the bar over your shoulder with your first hand and leave your second on the platform support. Lift the bar up, drop your second hand back to take the bar as your body falls away from the platform.

Two-Handed: Start as per the One-Handed Backwards Departure. A colleague or instructor stands facing you and holds your safety belt. Put the first and then the second hand onto the bar (while your feet remain on the board), then step both feet off and swing down at the moment of your choosing (or on the 'HEP').

No Hands: Stand on the board and arch backwards with your arms stretch above your head. As the fly bar swings up towards you, grab it with boths hands, take your legs off the platform and swing down.



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