Other Names: Planche Rollover

Swing out and lift your legs up into a Planche Preparation position at the frontend. At the backend, push your legs over the bar and pull on your arms to put the bar on your lower back. Hold this position until the frontend then allow your legs to drop down, which will roll you over the bar to make the catch.

This trick is included in the 'Sitting Tricks' category because of the way you pass over the bar, but it is also a variation of a Planche.

I've tried this trick as a backend trick, but it doesn't seem to work to get straight up into the Back Balance position from a swing. If you try this and have more success, please send a video!

Warning: This trick can be painful for the bones at the bottom of your back (top of the pelvis), where you need to place the bar. Try to use some kind of padding (such as a padded back protector).



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Thanks to Nico for providing a video for this page.