This trick can be performed in a number of different timings:

Easiest (Double Time): Flyer 1 swings out and gets up into a sitting position on the bar. Flyer 2 jumps onto the bar from the platform and swings underneath. At the backend, the Flyer 2 lifts their legs up (together) and places their feet in between the thighs of Flyer 1, who squeezes their thighs shut. As they approach the front end, Flyer 2 lets go of their hands and opens backwards to catch, Flyer 1 then releases their feet.

Harder (Full Time):Flyer 1 leaves the platform in a Straddle/Hocks departure and gets immediately up to sitting at the frontend. At the backend, Flyer 2 jumps onto the bar and brings their legs up between Flyer 1's legs as above. At the frontend they let go of their hands and open backwards for the catch. Flyer 1 then releases their feet.

This trick can also be easily performed on a bar-to-bar rig where the timing of the catch is less important.

Either flyer can wear safety lines (Regular Lines) for this trick, but not both. It makes most sense for Flyer 2 to wears the lines as they are the one making the catch.

The timing for the return is tricky and usually involves Flyer 2 swinging an extra time with the catcher to give Flyer 1 the time to get down from sitting and turn around on the bar before Flyer 2 returns onto the bar with them.



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