Reverse Back Somersault Catch

Trick ID: 365
Also known as: Starfish

Back somersault while facing the platform

#Novelty #Legs #Half Turn


Swing out and turn around. Hold a slight pike over the platform and then sweep hard as you swing back. Drive your legs forwards again to generate a back somersault. Open the somersault to give your legs to the catcher. The catcher grabs the legs in front of their chest (rather than behind their shoulders as would be normal for a Legs catch). It is also possible to achieve this trick with a Reverse Ankles catch.

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#Novelty #Legs #Half Turn
Thanks to Deryn, Ted and the team at Circus Arts Australia for providing this video.
IMAGE CREDIT: Thanks to Emerald City Trapeze Arts. Flyer is Sarah Piepho. Thanks to David Treadwell for the photo.