Blind Wrists Catch

Trick ID: 368
Also known as: Passe à l'aveugle

Catcher grabs the flyer's wrists from behind, so they cannot grip back.



This is a rare trick on the flying trapeze and definitely a novelty. It can be used for some tricks when the flyer ends up facing upwards (after a Half Turn - normally involving a Stick catch). Instead of catching the stick, the catcher grabs the back of the flyer's wrists, and in this position the flyer cannot grip them back. It's called a Blind Wrists Catch because the flyer cannot see the catcher and is (even more so than usual) in a position of having to put their trust in the catcher.


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Thanks to Kohei, Ted and the team at Circus Arts Australia for providing this video and Les Arts Sauts for the inspiration.