This arrangement of the safety lines is by far the most common and used for the majority of tricks unless otherwise stated. A regular safety belt is required.

ATTACHING: Very simple - connect the left safety line to the left of the safety belt and the right safety line to the right of the safety belt. Ensure that they are clear of the fly bar and that there is no crossing of the two lines.

TRICK EXAMPLES: Most Position Catches, Back Somersaults and Legs Catches without twists, Swings.

Safety lines attached in this manner will get tangled or twisted if the flyer performs a trick that includes twists or turns (somersaults are no problem). In this case, another starting arrangement of the safety lines is required (see 'Half Turn Lines' and 'Twisting Belt').

Tricks that involve movement around the Fly Bar (like an Uprise or Seat Jump) can also cause the lines to wrap around the bar and therefore a different starting arrangement is required for these tricks as well (see 'Uprise Lines' and 'Reverse Uprise Lines')


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