This arrangement of the safety lines is used when the flyer performs a trick involving a single half turn or twist. The lines are wrapped around the flyer in the opposite direction before leaving the platform, so that they unwrap during the twist and leave the lines uncrossed for the catch.

ATTACHING: Easiest way is for the flyer to stand on the platform facing away from the Fly Bar. The lines are attached as if the flyer was facing forwards (left line on the left and the right on the right with no crossing). Once attached, the flyer then turns back to face the Fly Bar in the OPPOSITE direction to the way they will turn during the trick. The lines will both seem to come from the same side of the body. In the image above, the flyer starts with both lines on their right side, as they will turn to the left during the trick. The opposite arrangement would be required for a flyer who turns to the right during their trick.

TRICK EXAMPLES: Front somersaults (e.g. Cutaways)and Reverse Position Tricks (e.g. Reverse Planche) with no twist.

For tricks involving more than a single half twist (for example a full turn or pirouette), a Twisting Belt is required.


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