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Seat jump with second flyer in a Whip position under the bar.

#Sitting on the bar


Flyer 1 swings out and gets into a seated position on the bar. Flyer 2 jumps on the bar underneath and gets into a Whip position. They extend their legs up behind Flyer 1's back (in order to bring their butt up under the bar). Flyer 1 then leaps over Flyer 2 and makes a Seat Jump catch. While Flyer 1 is swinging with the catcher (2 swings), Flyer 2 gets up into a seated position and then makes a Seated Turnaround at the frontend so they are swinging facing the platform. Flyer 1 returns from the catch so they are swinging side-by-side and they get back up onto the platform together.

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#Sitting on the bar
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