Scissors Return

Trick ID: 409
Also known as: Pickle Return, Arrow Return, Perroquet Return

Flyer places their legs either side of one of the catcher's arms.


After a Wrists catch, swing down with the catcher. At the apron-end, lift both legs up and cross them around one of the catcher's arms (see the image). Do not let go of the catcher's wrists. As you swing back towards the fly bar, the catcher will turn you so you are facing it. Let go of the catcher, release your legs and take the Fly Bar with both hands.

This trick is called 'Scissors' after the trick on the Double Trapeze. However this naming is far from universal. However, I believe Scissors is the most descriptive name because it helps you to understand what you need to do with your feet.


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Thanks to Belinda, Ted and the team at Circus Arts Australia for providing this video.