Uprise Twisting Belt

Trick ID: 415
Safety lines pass backwards between the fly cables, plus a twisting belt.

#Safety Lines


This arrangement is used when the flyer is performing a trick that involves them passing forwards between the fly cables AND making a full turn or more. The lines are passed between the fly cables before starting so they do not tangle, and the flyer wears a twisting belt to ensure that they don't wrap around them as they turn.

ATTACHING: As you face forwards on the platform, hold the safety lines behind the fly bar and pass them towards you over the bar and between the fly cables. Connect them to the Twisting Belt. Make sure that, when you hold the bar, your arms are in between the lines.

TRICK EXAMPLES: Reverse Pullover followed by a Kip Pirouette

Once you get to this number of rolls and twists, the safety lines can be rather cumbersome and may prevent you from performing the trick. In this case, your only option is to attempt the trick without lines.

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