Between the Legs

Trick ID: 417
Also known as: Diaper Lines

Lines wrapped around the legs for Straddle tricks

#Safety Lines


This arrangement is used when the flyer is performing a trick that involves a Straddle position. In some situations, opening the legs wide for a Straddle causes them to catch on the lines. To avoid this, the flyer wraps the lines around their legs before leaving the platform, so that they unwrap when getting into the Straddle position.

Note that using this type of lines depends on the flyer (how they engage the Straddle and how wide they open their legs) and on the trick (does the Straddle happen at the frontend or the backend). Therefore it isn't always clear without trying whether to use Between the Legs Lines or Regular Lines. Try one and if you end up with the lines wrapped around your legs, swap to the other.

On the site and in my books, I recommend putting the lines between the legs for backend Straddle positions and for the Pelican, but not for other positions where the Straddle is engaged at the frontend (when it is not usually necessary).

ATTACHING: The flyer attaches the lines in the normal way (uncrossed with the left line attached to the left of the belt and the right attached to the right). They then lift their right leg and move it over the rope to the right so that the safety line passes around their butt and out through their crotch. Then repeat for the left.

TRICK EXAMPLES: Backend Straddle Whip, Pelican.

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