Other Names: Face-Off to Reverse Legs

Swing out and make a half turn at the frontend. As you swing back to the frontend again, let your legs swing out behind you so your body is almost horizontal. The catcher comes up from underneath and catches your legs for a Reverse Legs catch.

There are several ways to achieve this catch (see the 'Types of Catches' section).

  • Flyer's legs in front of the catcher's shoulders.
  • Flyer's legs behind the catcher's shoulders.
  • Regular Legs catch grip, but with a Reverse Catcher.



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Thanks to the teams at Circus Arts Australia, Twin Cities Trapeze (Katie, Ryan), eXtreme Circus Cabarete (Mauro, Colby) and Mestre Trapeze Academy (Renato) for responding to the challenge and providing videos for this page.