Swan Up to Standing

Trick ID: 456
The flyer climbs up to standing on the Swinging Cradle.


This is an alternative way to get up to standing on the cradle. It’s used when the flyer cannot be pushed directly up to standing from a Whip position. In this variation, the flyer ‘climbs up’ the catcher’s body and is then pushed up to standing.

This method can also be used on a normal swinging trapeze catcher (although this is quite a rare trick because there isn’t much space on the bar for the flyer to stand on).

The same technique (sometimes called a ‘Double Swan’) is used in a Double Trapeze act (when the bar is not swinging) to bring the flyer up to stand on the bar.


Notes: Rather untidy version of the trick (on a static Double Trapeze) at 0:09

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