Tucked Back Somersault to Legs

Trick ID: 473
Also known as: Mojito to Legs

Single, tucked, back somersault to legs catch


This is a novelty trick that takes a well known dismount (the Back Somersault) and turns it into a catch. In the video below you can see the flyer hold a straight position and tuck just before the peak to start the somersault, but it is also possible with the three kicks (forwards backwards forwards) familiar from the basic dismount. In this case they hold the tuck a little longer and give their legs to the catcher for a One and a Half. If you are looking for a regular back somersault to legs, which is a much more standard flying trapeze trick, then you need to look under 'One and a Half'.

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Thanks to Syanna, Ted and the team at Circus Arts Australia for providing this video.