This trick is identical to a normal Layout except that the set, break and somersault are done with legs as wide apart as possible. It's a novelty trick (because having the Straddle means you lose some power) but makes for a very interesting somersault. You could of course do the set and break with legs together and only spread them for the Layout.

Swing out and back to the platform. Instead of a normal 'seven' position, lift your legs in front of you and hold them up in a Straddle at 90 degrees. Swing down into the centre and as you reach the poles (centre of the swing) beat back as hard as you can with your legs still apart. As you move up towards the peak at the frontend your legs will follow behind you and then move in front and up to the sky. Hold your body straight with your legs apart and let go at the peak, look back over your head to catch.


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