The Tricks Database on this website has been created over many years by people like you inventing and filming tricks and submitting them to the site. If you are looking for a new trick to work on, and would like to simultaneously help us to improve the website, have a look at the sections below which list areas where we need help. You'll get that warm-fuzzy feeling from having provided a public service, and of course the eternal glory of getting a credit on the site!

Just remember that many of these tricks are quite advanced and/or wacky. Take care when trying them and always use the right safety equipment. It's perfectly fine to submit videos with safety lines! This site takes no responsibility if you hurt yourself trying something stupid.

Send us a video

The following is a list of tricks that do not have videos yet. Why not try the trick, film it and submit it to the site? Once you have a good video, you can send it to us.

Think you can do better?

The following is a list of tricks that have poor quality videos. Can you send us a better one? Once you have a good video, you can send it to us.

The holy grail: Invent a new trick

Why not create a brand new trick and be the first to film it? The following is a list of ideas for tricks that have not been successfully demonstrated yet. If you would like to try one - please take a video and share your attempts.

  • Reverse Standing Roll - equivalent to a Reverse Seat Roll, but from standing facing the platform.
  • Full twisting Standing Roll
  • Full twisting Seat Roll
  • Double Back Out Catch - from sitting on the bar facing the platform, to a Reverse Legs catch.
  • Toes Off Return - from a catch with the stick.
  • Crossed Passing Leap - on a Crossed Rig, two flyers make simultaneous catches.
  • Full Twisting Drive Somersault
  • Reverse Split Roll - look at a Split Roll and imagine it in Reverse.
  • Shoot Under Remount - look at an Uprise Remount and imagine doing it as a Shoot Under instead.